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Correos Market

The successful case of Correos Market: This platform has achieved successful integration with more than 500 merchants, efficiently processing more than 100,000 transactions and achieving total synergy with Correos systems. Further highlighting its impact, Correos Market achieved its launch in a record time of just 8 weeks, demonstrating agile and effective execution.

Market's cutting-edge technology combines an intuitive interface and efficient performance

A more attractive

shopping experience

With a checkout designed to increase conversions and the ability to simultaneously manage more than 30,000 carts, Market offers an unparalleled shopping experience. Make your business stand out and reach the next level with Market's powerful solution.

Correos Market app


impact results

Correos Market: A success story that changed the game in the world of e-commerce. Immerse yourself in this fascinating narrative that tells how Correos Market became a benchmark in the market. Discover how this platform managed to successfully integrate many new merchants, process a large volume of transactions and establish total harmony with the Correos systems in a record time of just 8 weeks. A story that highlights the transformative capacity and significant impact of this solution in the e-commerce universe


weeks until go live


simultaneous shopping carts


integrated into Correos systems



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