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Our strength lies in the multidisciplinarity of our team, allowing us to tackle e-commerce challenges from various perspectives.

At Rebelio, we have identified several common challenges that can arise when trying to establish a presence in the world of e-commerce. We explore these challenges and successfully address each of them, with the goal of helping other companies overcome any obstacles they may have in the process.

Growing your business

is our team's motivation

Our expertise in scalability is a crucial component of our success. We have perfected our agile development methodology to ensure that our solutions grow in line with the evolving needs of our clients and the ever-changing market. This allows us to provide solutions that are agile and adaptable, which is essential in such a dynamic environment as e-commerce.

We have grown

with each of our clients


We launch the framework Shopator.


We launch Olution. Millions of orders pass through this solution.



We launch ADS, the advertising framework.

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