SaaS based e-commerce shop framework

Shopator is a scalable and white label ready SaaS based e-commerce shop framework. Our intuitive solution permits you to enable merchants to have a profesional and scalable online shop storefront. You can create a multilanguage store in less then 30 minutes.

Shopator includes state of the art technology. Over 140 payment gateways, dynamic responsive themes and an intuitive API permit maximum flexibility for you and your merchants. The open architecture interacts seamlessly with our marketplace aggregator Olution and marketplace framework

Empower your merchant base. Provide them with the tools they need to grow. Create new revenue streams. Become an innovation leader.

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Advantages of Shopator

Listing on Google Shopping

With Shopator merchants can directly list products on Google Shopping. The direct connector via the merchants Google Adwords account will generate the traffic to generate sales.
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