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In 2015, Rebelio developed a new business model for Correos, the Spanish postal service provider. The objective was to create a solution that would enable Correos to capture new merchants and streamline the order reception process for multiple marketplaces.
Challenge: Correos faced the challenge of attracting new merchants to its platform and streamlining the order reception process for multiple marketplaces. Rebelio was tasked with developing a solution that would enable Correos to achieve these objectives.


Rebelio developed a light framework, called, with a time to market of just four weeks. The framework allowed merchants to connect to their marketplace accounts via API connections, download orders from all connected marketplaces into one backend, and process them efficiently. Rebelio also developed an integration with Chinese marketplaces, which included the generation of Chinese shipping labels.

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The new business model developed by Rebelio was implemented as With this implementation, Correos was able to capture many new merchants and process an additional 12 million shipments annually. The solution provided a streamlined order reception process for multiple marketplaces and enabled Correos to scale up its e-commerce operations quickly and efficiently.


  • Integration with over 140 marketplaces
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support
  • API connections for seamless order downloading
  • Single backend for streamlined order processing

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Rebelio’s framework provided a powerful solution to Correos, enabling it to achieve its goals of capturing new merchants and streamlining the order reception process for multiple marketplaces. The light framework, with its quick time to market, made it an ideal solution for Correos, while the integration with Chinese marketplaces added further value to the solution. Overall, the implementation of has been a resounding success for Correos, generating new business and allowing it to process millions of additional shipments annually.